Key Differentiators

21 Reasons To Choose Our B School

1. First of its kind Industry Integrated Practical Management Program

ATMA is India’s First and only B school which offers Industry Integrated program. With 21 years of strong establishment, a legacy of 8000+ MBA students, Alumni working in 13 countries and 23 cities at Top MNC companies of India and Abroad comprise our rich heritage. A Small step taken each time contributes to Big changes leading to Bigger results. A motivation and a dream that leads to a Continuous hard work is nothing but ‘Quality’ at ATMA..

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2. Unique Induction Program for New Joinee’s - Roots to Fruits

A 4 weeks Induction and orientation program for the Juniors’ who enter the campus from different states is to make their entry and journey a smooth takeoff. Getting Acquainted, Getting Ahead, Learnings in Management and so on are the key ingredients of the program. ATMA believes in a life-long learning process. The major part of the program is executed by the corporate intervention so that Industry Integration starts deep rooted from Day one.

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3. Outbound & Adventure Learning Program

Sky is the Limit for Anything under the Sun. Outbound learning is a part of induction program at ATMA that focuses on intra and interpersonal rapports. It is a process for self-discovery, serious fun, making new friends, while living amidst serene nature, on the outskirts of Bangalore. The program is led by trained facilitators where series of increasingly difficult kinaesthetic and cognitive activities will be conducted which challenge personal and group limits within a supportive environment.

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4. Faculty of National & International Repute

Our Faculty of national and international repute comprise a strong Academic support who impart uncompromised knowledge flow to the students. At ATMA we stretch ourselves to a great extent to bring you the best faculty members, best training, best support and the best mentoring. We scrupulously pick your mentors and no wonder, every team member here would have an illustrious track record in their own domain of expertise. With papers published in prestigious national, international publications and seminars, our faculty bring in a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge in the latest aspects of management in different industries.

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5. Innovative & Contemporary Pedagogy

Innovative Pedagogy followed at ATMA is contemporary and well accepted by industries. The 70% Practical Integrated training methodology includes Live Projects, Idea Box, Management Fests, National Conferences, Emerging Business Concept Analysis, Industry experts Mentoring, Activities by Entrepreneurship Cell, CSR Activity, Certification Courses & skill based training, Comprehensive News Analysis, Case Study Sessions and discussions, Debates, Exclusive Presentations, Corporate Lecture Series, Company Visit & Team Projects.

6. A Unique SWOT initiative

SWOT analysis is a very important requirement for a management graduate. It enables the mentors to gauge the students Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Strengths. It is taken up in 3 levels by a team of Internal and a team of External members which aims to understand each individuals SWOT and measures to handle the challenges, manage the opportunity and deal with the threats. This activity is monitored by senior faculties and corporate executives to bring in an expected and creative value added output.

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7. Mentoring Minds by Industry Experts

Build your expertise straight by the experts. ATMA pools in a specialized team comprising of HR professionals. Pivotal members from the hiring department of various industries will address the students and mentor groups of students to perform up to latest industry demands and standards. Mentors personalize the knowledge transformation giving them different career alternatives and take the responsibility of grooming students until they are placed.

Few students under One mentor also gives an individual focus to students. Such a concept is unique at ATMA where the students get mentored directly by industry experts and experienced faculty orientation. Mentoring by Corporate Council gives a better edge to the student's dimension towards studies and work life.

8. Dual Specialisation

Today's students are very vibrant and their inquisitive levels are too high. Their perspective to learn, explore and experiment has made them more curious and energetic. We really cannot predict our future and sometimes it is difficult to decide on Cross roads. Hence an opportunity to select 2 specialisations is provided to the students so that they can learn the combination better.

Dual Specialisation plays an important role in Management studies and job. It makes them alternative ready, recession proof,...

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9. Intense Live & capstone Projects

LIVE projects are an integral part of Management studies. These projects create a different futuristic situation for the students and help them to face the job requirement. They give Hands on experience to students and showcase the real-time challenges that they might face while working. The prime objective is to groom students with unfamiliar situations, decision making ability, problem solving attitude, ability to deal with situations, face challenges, handle team spirit, anticipate contingencies, predict surprises, work with astonishing facts and encounter trouble shooting.

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10. C 2 C = Campus to Corporate Program

C2C-Campus to Corporate is the biggest initiative of ATMA wherein the students are confronting their dream companies and they are trained with a specific attention firstly on their list of Chosen companies. Blazing theirown trail without fail is the mantra. The C2C program is designed in such a way exclusively at ATMA so that the students get trained and specialized as per the specific industry needs and demands considering their individual SWOT analysis. Students are oriented to choose their specialization and are guided by the expert team not only about the opportunities available in a particular specialisation but also way ahead.

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11. Special orientation on how to choose specialization

Be a specialist in specializing… Choosing a specialization has always been a matter of choice. The ATMA orientation is conducted by stalwarts with over two decades of illustrious experience in varied industries helping students find the right specialization which matches their aptitude, aspirations and ambition. Good bye to influences., U be YOUR opinion-leader and take a well thought decision on what makes your career a perfect career in its true sense.

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12. Global Exposure

Global exposure is an intrinsic part of study at ATMA. International Certifications and Exchange Program with a global exposure enable students getting mentored as future ‘Global Indian’. Management program at ATMA exposes students to a global environment. Introducing students to a different country, their culture, strengths, GDP, Lifestyle, importance to time, Work-life balance etc induces a sense of responsibility and commitment in students. They initiate to look at a bigger picture of life. They expand their dreams and start looking at the world rather than their village, town, district, city, state and country.

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