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Education 4.0

Match Industry 4.0 requirements
Education 4.0 is the need of the hour which in turn
demands for aligning learning outcomes to
Industry 4.0 requirements

As part of fulfilling Education 4.0 requirements ATMA is offering various courses as additional certificate courses so that students are equipped with RIGHTSKILLs. The additional certificate courses offered are highly relevant to Industry and helps students to match industry expected skills.

The certificate courses offered are recommended by panel of industry experts and academicians who will mentor our students so that students are aware about value addition that they get from these courses.

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The additional certificate courses offered will bring following advantages

Students will have extra mileage in terms of employability.

Enhances employability skills so that student will get multiple quality opportunities.

Companies are happy to recruit as they see a greater advantage in hiring trained manpower.

Students will have many opportunities when it comes to choosing the right sector and right career.

Based on the industry expectations and job opportunities,
ATMA offers following course to students

  • SAP/ Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Advanced Excel
  • Investment Banking
  • Project Management
  • Capital Market
  • Six Sigma
  • Advanced Logistics & Supply Chain Management
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