Industry Integrated Program


Industry Integrated

ATMA enables its students to graduate with an MBA, in the two years of study. It is the only one of its kind in India. The program provides a two-fold advantage to the students in acquiring a recognized degree from a University and industry- Integrated training required by the industry. This is done with the objective of providing a university-based learning program and an effort to reach the curriculum expectations of the University. This Management Program has gained ready acceptance by the industry, which is looking for contemporary learning and ready-to-perform managers with multiple skill sets. Limiting the number of student Intake, management achieves the expectation of Individual focus and grooming and expects better than the Best results from the students in terms of Marks and Placements.

ATMA offers 2 Year MBA along with its flagship Industry Integrated program. The program is designed and structured to meet the industry requirements considering the contemporary needs of the job market.

The industry-integrated concept being unique, focuses on Profile mapping, skill gap analysis, industry analysis and training the students the way industry expects. Global Exposure opportunities are part of the program which will give options to students for International Exchange and Internship program.


This course aims at realizing the following objectives:

  • To bridge the gap between university curriculum and latest industry requirement as per Industry 4.0/Education 4.0.
  • To inculcate in the students requirement that are beyond knowledge given in the curriculum in areas such as interpersonal skills, creativity, lateral thinking, communication, people management are essential competent for progress in any sphere.
  • To Provide the competitive edge to the students and make them professional to compete in the international market

India’s 1st & Only Industry Integrated Program

The MBA along with value-added Industry Integrated training is planned in a unique way, which includes the prescribed curriculum of the University and additional value-add modules, which are designed at ATMA and based on industry needs. This makes the subjects of study comprehensive, current and industry-relevant.

Industry Integrated program is

  • Right blend of Profile Mapping,
  • Skill Gap Analysis,
  • Expectations Management,
  • 2 Industry Projects
  • Course based Live projects every semester
  • 3 Months Internship and
  • The specialized mentoring and training by industry mentors.

Course Structure

The ATMA industry integrated program juxtaposes the courses of the MBA program with additional courses that are either prescribed by the industry or motivated by our experience of placing students. The additional course not only gives a well-rounded knowledge but makes them relevant and ready for the industry. The curriculum incorporates a few foundation modules designed to equip the students with professional skills of communication, decision-making thinking and industry experience

ATMA addressed the growing need for continuous upgrading and enhancing the quality and relevance of the curriculum and methodology in its course to match the ever-changing needs of the industry, commerce, and service.

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