Global Exposure


In today’s business scenario cross-cultural awareness and networking has become important for management students who need to have updates about international markets. Currently it is important that B Schools offer global exposure to students through information exchange programmes, foreign internships and Foreign trips.

To bring a global orientation to the teaching-learning process in the classroom, ATMA has designed program delivery in such a way that it exposes students to cultures and business practices in different countries.

The ATMA believes that global exposure is the key to success in today’s economy and the same is inbuilt in the course design and delivery through;

Faculty Exchange Programs

Some of our faculty who have rich experience in diverse areas from industry and academia visit foreign universities to teach courses in Entrepreneurship, Project management, Global Service Industry etc. These faculty bring back wealth knowledge and experience and share the same with students. ATMA also invites leading professors from reputed foreign B Schools to deliver the courses.

Foreign Internships

ATMA offers exclusive opportunities for students wherein selected students will have a chance to do their internship in MNC’s of selected Countries. The opportunity offers chance to understand and work with MNC’s in respective countries.

International Industrial/Exposure visits

ATMA organises exclusive trips which takes care of offering an exposure to international destiny’s, industrial perspective and educational systems.

Student Exchange Programs

ATMA offers value adding opportunities to students and these exchange programs offer great learning and cross cultural experiences. The programs are offered in different countries and opportunities are limited to selected candidates.

Global Exposure


We had a wonderful experience in Singapore which is all about our GLOBAL EXPOSURE and EXCHANGE PROGRAM. (more…)

Raj Gopalan

I am happy to say that we had a very wonderful Global Exposure Trip to Singapore which was conducted... (more…)


Wonderful global exposure and lifetime learning.. We are the lucky batch to attend the international tour in 1st (more…)

Shubham. R. Abhangrao

Global trip was a great experience. Our college conducted a Global Exposure Trip to Singapore for we 60 students.. (more…)

Samrain Midhat Khan

On the Global Orientation Trip to Singapore, we came to know about many new things, apart from being in... (more…)

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